Ape Life - The new, on-going Ape blog. Tour diaries and oh, so much more.

Tour CD '06 Lyrics - By popular demand. Complete lyrics to the summer 2006 tour CD.

April '05 Tour Diary - An illuminated document revealing the secrets of the midwest, Q & Not U, and the MIT Steer Roast. Chronicle and photos by Amanda.`

March '05 SxSW Tour Diary - An illustrated but somewhat boring tale of the yearly trek to Austin, Texas. Chronicle and photos by Amanda.

Fall '04 European Tour Diary - A two week adventure involving coffee and rashes. Chronicle by Amanda.

August '04 Mini-Tour Diary - Five days, five shows, four cities, seven bands, one thousand miles, one thousand dollars, and four people in a van not speaking. Chronicle by Amanda.

Carnivorous Rampage Tour Diary (Spring '04) - The Tour of Birdman Brotherhood and Well Whiskey. Chronicle by Amanda.

Apes + Enon Tour Diary (Sept '03) - The Tour of Riding in a Blisteringly Hot Van Smelling Vaguely of Urine. Chronicle by Amanda.

The OddEyeSee Prologue - Four adventurers, four elements, four points of the compass. One common cause. I hope you roll your saving throw versus madness before reading this, or your hair will turn white approximately .04 seconds before your head explodes. Chronicle by Evan Berodt.

UK Tour Diary (May '03) - 4 Apes + 5 Party of Helicopters + 1 Driver = A Tale of Ribaldry and High Adventure. Chronicle by Amanda.

US Tour Diary (April '02) - Our first long circuit of the U.S. A saga of Chipotle and Fire Ants. Chronicled by Amanda and Erick.