All files are in mp3 format, 128kbps or better. Right click on a song's link and choose "Save Target As" to download the song to your hard drive.

Beat of the Double - Clap along with us, won't you? From Ghost Games. Recorded and mixed by The Brothers.

Mr. Fairer - He's big and he's unpleasant, and you're going to get to know him well.

Finish Line (demo) - If you saw us on our tour with Liars in the summer of '06, you heard this song. Here it is in rough form (scratch tracks and all), direct from our basement to your ears.

Songs from Apes v.1 (the Count 101 era):

Imp Ahh - You've bought the shirt (right?), now hear the song. From Baba's Mountain.

The Night-Time Reaper - Mystery ride's a' comin'. From Baba's Mountain.

What We Do Best - Some might think they already know what we do best. This song makes it plain. From Baba's Mountain.

The Green Bus - Mark your door. Wait for the sound of the horn. Take your seat. Don't be alarmed at what you may see through the window. From the upcoming Baba's Mountain album.

Apes at KVRX - -- Four songs from Baba's performed live in the studio of KVRX Austin, and an interview with Majestic Ape. Engineered and mixed live by Andrew Hernandez. In ZIP format (24mb).

3 Mages - Having magic powers is cool, no doubt; but sometimes the simple, jealous townsfolk don't really appreciate the hocus pocus. Though at least you might get a parade. From Tapestry Mastery.

My Name is Lee - A somewhat disturbing monologue completely improvised by Amanda Kleinman; inspired by Paul's new vocal pedal and its pitch shifter.

Children of Brainbow & Brainbro - The first tale from OddEyeSee sees the Apes docking at a village run by a disembodied duo with unspeakably perverse plans for procreation.

Crystal CoCoTech - The Apes' journey down the river brings them to a citadel of crystalline beauty, sparkling magnificence -- and diamond-sharp terror! From OddEyeSee.

Street Warz - Not the version from the EP, but a different recording altogether, found only on the Japanese compilation Contact Records Vol 13. An empowering call-to-arms to the children of the hills, dales, forests & fields.

Beyond Beyond - Remember turning from the purple sunlight? I do. It was awesome. From Street Warz.

Lightning - If you've heard one song by the Apes, it was probably this one. From The Fugue in the Fog.

The Burning Land - Just past the Haunted Waste, over the Drowned Mountains, you'll find the Burning Land. If you can cross that dread terrain, you will find -- ah, but that would be telling! From The Fugue in the Fog.

The White Tower - Its foundations are immovable. Its walls are impenetrable. Its defenses are insurmountable. But the Apes are determined to find a way in, to claim their prize. From a compilation CD in SoundCollector magazine.

Luv is Real - It's an out of print 7" that we recorded and put out ourselves. Now here for your enjoyment in one convenient ZIP file, including artwork. 8 megs.

Argument at Practice - People always ask us if this is real. Yes, and this was a tame one.

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